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The Mourned

The Mourned

I’ve invited you here so that you could offer your condolences. Not that I lack affection, or need your attention. But because I feel that I must have closure. I cannot take it anymore, I need closure. Since he passed away, I have been dreaming about death and dead people. So I thought that maybe I should organize a funeral and get it over with.

The Mourned is a live performance based on a personal mourning experience after the murder of a close friend in Beirut. It was enhanced by  a research on cemeteries and dead buildings in the city. The audience is invited into an old house in Sanayeh, Beirut, to offer their condolences to the performer after the murder of her close friend. The house is scheduled for demolition like most of the old buildings in the city .

The performance invites the audience to reflect on how murder has become part of daily life in Beirut. We live surrounded by stories of dead people and dead spaces and dead buildings.

Live Performance
Written and Performed by Petra Serhal
Singer: Nada Burshalli
Assistant Director and Production: Tania El Khoury
Set Design: Petra Abousleiman
Photography : Matthew Cassel

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