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I Will Guide You Through Saida

I Will Guide You Through Saida

Site-Specific Performances and Publication

Collaborative research and performances with a group of Sidon-based youth and activists: Ahmed Faqih, Abdul Razak Hammoud, Nadera Arkadan, Doaa Afara, Mohammad Yassine, Mohammed Shaafati, and Roula Fares. It highlights the communal and shared spaces in Sidon while focusing on the coast and the drastic changes that it has been witnessing.

I Will Guide You Through Saida is based on six months mentorship and workshops on urban research and live art led by Abir Saksouk and Tania El Khoury. The outcome was a printed publication in Arabic as well as seven interactive performances presented by the participants in an event at a seashore public space known as “Kinayat el-Bahr.”

Sound pieces audio design: Majd El Hamwi
Video documentation and editing: Jumaa Hamdo and Ayman Nahle
Poster Design: Public Works Studio
Project in collaboration with Green Line and Heinrich Boll

Booklet and map in collaboration with Public Works Studio

Research Booklet (in Arabic) can be downloaded here

Site by Will Brady
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